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About the show

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Figuring It Out
with Lindsay Strouse

By the end of today, you'll make 30,000 decisions. 

Life is nothing but a series of them. Most are small. But some are really big. And the path to find the answer is rarely clear. 

This show is an exploration on how people decide what to do, who to love, where to go, and why to change.

We'll hear from stories across the world, and not just from the people who already seem to have things all figured out. I hope to share perspectives that inspire you to reflect on your own path and, at times, question your assumptions.

Each episode features a conversation with someone making or reflecting on a consequential decision from their life - probably ones that you or I will also have to consider in our lifetime. Some will also feature expert insights that shed light on what more we can learn, and sometimes what we might want to unlearn.

Whether you're making your own tough choices or trying to understand how others make theirs, this is the podcast for you. 

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